[Announcement]: Pets With Custom Dog Id Tags Are Now Welcome!

[Announcement]: Pets With Custom Dog Id Tags Are Now Welcome!

Today we proudly announce that all pets are now welcome at Club Villa Gritti! We now allow all pets wearing custom dog id tags displaying their owners information to take up tenancy with their owners.

custom dog id tags

We haven’t gone as in depth as Northern Ireland: http://www.bbc.co.uk/chipsvcustomdogtagsids but we are firm on this rule and will not allow pets without tags.

Here’s a quick overview of our new policy:

  • All pets wearing custom dog ID tags are now welcome
  • The tags must display owners; name, contact number and return address.
  • All customers bringing pets must send photo proof of their dogs id tags with the custom engraving details before completing the booking.
  • Please be aware any “mess” made by your pet is the owners responsibility.

You may have seen last night’s report on “The Now” about pet id’s and their safety.

If you missed it, you can view the highlights below:

As you can see custom dog id tags are becoming a priority for pet safety and we aim to adhere to the rulings.

So to make things as easy as possible, we’ve teamed up with Social Pet Brand – Dog Tags For Pets to bring you Free, engravable, dog id tags you can customise to your heart’s content.

To claim your free dog id tag please click the special hyperlink below:


Once clicked scroll down to view the full collection. Follow the instructions and get your new id tags delivered to your door in the next few days.

If you are late in ordering your tags, please order the custom id tags to your room address and email us a copy of the proof. This way we will still allow your pet to stay.

Thank you for your cooperation during this exciting change.

Speak soon,

Club Villa Gritti

What is it about Industrial Looking Desks

Practical ways to help you choose best industrial looking desks

You can select from various types of industrial looking desks, so it is best to have a precise idea of what you are looking for before you go shopping. The cubicle workstations with dividers are the primary option for large industry. They are designed to so that they can be arranged in different functional layouts.

The computer desks are designed to fit only a computer. They do not have a writing surface. They are suitable for call centers and similar industry where the employees use only computers to perform their tasks.
You may have to go for profession-specific desks. The professional range includes models for architects, animators and other professionals who require work surface designed in a specific way.

industrial looking desks

Industry Design

The single-surface industrial desks are a universal option. They are easy to fit in any space and to match any industry layout. The L-shaped models have gained significant popularity in recent years due to their high functionality. They fit perfectly against walls and in corners too. They can have a hutch for added storage space or a counter.

The U-shaped models offer great functionality too. They have three separate work surfaces and can come with all sorts of extras including a hutch. They take more space, however. They are recommended for an executive industry. You can find more vintage industrial looking desks online at Russell Oak & Steel.
When it comes to features, you should certainly consider practical ones like drawers and a cable management system. It pays off to go for a versatile model which offers the option of adding a hutch, and an extension.

 industrial looking desks

Handmade Looking Tables

Most industry desks available in the market are made from composite wood and have to veneer. This type of make is stable and durable. It is affordable and cost-efficient at the same time. If you are furnishing an executive industry, you may want to consider a more lavish model made from solid wood. Some of the most popular material options include cedar, maple, and mahogany.
For extended durability, you can consider a desk with metal legs and wood top. If you want to add a touch of extravagance to your industry, you should consider a model with metal legs and a glass top. This option is perfect for creative companies like design studios and advertising agencies.

Top Oak Quality

You have to ensure that the desks which you buy are made by a reliable manufacturer who adheres to all industry standards. Check the warranty. The industry standard is five years, so anything below this is not satisfactory.
Finally, you should look for the best deals when you go shopping for the best industry looking desks.

Custom Engraved Dog Tags For Pets

Do you own engraved dog tags for pets?

If you have a furry pet, you probably shower it with affection. You want what’s best for you pal. You also are concerned for your little buddy’s safety.

We all hope it doesn’t happen to us, but if Sparky or Princess gets out and becomes lost, we want them returned safely to us.

free custom engraved dog tags for pets

This is where free engraved dog tags for pets come in. You wouldn’t want someone finding your pet and having no idea who it belongs to or where to take it.

What’s worse, they might take them to the pound and no one wants that. Instead, why not make a small investment in an engraved dog tag for your pet? It does not cost much money and it can give you peace of mind.

engraved dog tags for pets

Here are three online stores that do engraved dog tags pets:

  • PupLife

This one is the a bit expensive and has good quality. This site specializes in a variety of dog tags and accessories. They sell special bowls, harnesses, and books for the owners to learn more about their furry friend. They offer 1 line on the front and up to 3 lines on the back of the tag.

  • Boomerang Tags

This site specializes in petid tags specifically. You can choose stainless steel, brass, or plastic tags. You can engrave your pet’s name and your name and contact info on the front of the tag. You can also engrave up to 6 lines on the back of the tag. Most tags go for about $10. This site offers the most lines.

  • PetTags4Less

This site also specializes in pet tags engraved. It is cheap with tags as low as $4. You get three lines on the front and three lines on the back. They also offer daily deals.

  • 4Paws

This site specializes in free pets id tags for dogs specifically. You can choose stainless steel, brass, or plastic tags. You can engrave your pet’s name and your name and contact info on the front of the tag completely free. You can also engrave up to 6 lines on the back of the tag. This is without a doubt our recommended site:

Whichever you choose, it’s important to get something for you fur baby. A one-time purchase could be the difference in having a lost pet returned to you or not. It’s worth getting one just in case.

You can visit our recommended site here: www.dogtagsforpets.co.uk

You can read more about dog tags here